Marketing Design Agency Account Director

Planet Studio believes in making things better by design.
We are a design driven agency that embodies the power of great design– and we do so with purpose and intent. We are thoughtful architects for the new age; creating clarity by synthesizing and making sense of complexities in a chaotic world. Through design-thinking, a passion for simplicity, and an eye for aesthetics: we create designs and experiences that are better and more meaningful for brands (and those that interact with them.)

A little bit about us:

Our agency is a boutique-size band of creative thinkers and problem solvers. We are craftsmen (and women) who take great care to understand an opportunity to inspire a specialized solution that is responsive, adaptive, and flexible to a changing world. Because we custom create everything we do: it’s never the same thing twice. Intuition inspired by data (right brain plus left brain) means we balance the art and science of problem solving. We are the team that can think, design, and create (kind of like juggling hats while herding cats.)

Independently-owned, Planet Studio operates as a team of seasoned experts within an entrepreneurial environment. Collectively, we bring years of industry experience and expertise to bear. Our clients value our fresh perspective– and a dose of whimsy that lightens the load for them. We are the best part of their day, any day of the week.

A little bit about you:

You have:

  • The passion for nurturing and growing client business. You have a customer-centric attitude, with a ready-and-willingness to problem-solve.
  • A digital mindset, with all the social savvy and business acumen chops that come with it. You have experience in developing digital assets (websites, apps, tools) and the strategy that powers them.
  • A great appreciation for process and detail. You help bring ideas to life enthusiastically, equally optimistic for a new creative challenge and the results that the ideas will generate.
  • The ability to juggle multiple accounts and projects like a pro, and the desire to share knowledge and mentor others.

You know:

  • The importance of leading strategically and creating meaningful marketing communications.
  • How to best communicate with clients and with the agency team to optimize opportunities for both. You represent us with your best and brightest self: resilient in the face of adversity, bringing energy to the work, and always collaborative.
  • The steps involved to develop digital assets & content, and how to proactively engage talent/resources.
  • How to prioritize and manage the workflow of projects from end to end independently with financial accountability that aligns with client/agency needs and expectations. You know how to build and manage client/agency relationships.
  • What it takes to stay relevant: curious, optimistic, & open to new ideas and workstreams. You graciously give and receive feedback without drama or reproach.

When no ones looking, people say that you:

  • Light up a room with optimism. You don’t let ego get in the way of getting a job done right.
  • Ground yourself in reality, but embrace the idea of “what if…?”
  • Embrace innovation and learning. You are culturally-curious, enjoy learning about trends & industry developments; you know that staying on your toes and mentally toughness will keep you & your skills sharp.
  • Believe in logic behind the work. You can deliver strategically and present confidently.
  • Are a real go-getter with a strong work ethic. You expect great things of yourself; you collaborate with peers towards a shared goal of excellence.

Ideally, you have already worked in a small agency environment and are looking for a place that will challenge you to evolve. You are the master at solving the right problems at the right time with a quality-over-quantity mindset. You are ambitious about growth, yet willing to pitch in and do whatever it takes to deliver stellar design work.

The Details
Primary Industry: Marketing, design
Career Level: 3+ years relevant experience (We don’t just fill roles: we hire people)
Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree
Preferred knowledge of the interactive space and/or agency experience; B2B experience a plus
Job Status: Full Time
Salary Range: Commensurate with the expertise you bring