The Total Solar Eclipse is coming 

What? When?
Where? How?

These links have all you need to know from the experts at NASA. If you need strategic alignment, design, or help organizing your “space junk”… call us at Planet Studio. Our universe happily revolves around you and your brand.

Eclipse Resources:

Find a viewing party in your area

See a simulated view from anywhere on the planet

Download maps, fact sheets, safety bulletins, and more.


How to sport your spectacles

Email us your burning questions... just don’t burn your eyes! And feel free to try out your glasses and email us any solar selfies—either right now, or on the event day. After all, making a spectacle of yourself doesn't have to wait until August 21st.






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Top five reasons to view the eclipse

  1. This is your chance to see the moon photobombing the sun
  2. Instead of a hipster, you can be an eclipster
  3. The ‘dark side’ has its privileges
  4. You want to watch the sun get fully mooned
  5. Total alignment is a rare thing