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Teach your team, anywhere…
with custom eLearning solutions

What do you want to do?

  • Develop emerging leaders
  • Create a consistent system for employee on-boarding
  • Foster a culture of commitment to a new initiative

Now more than ever, companies need virtual learning solutions that keep their teams educated, engaged, and up-to-speed—no matter where they are. Planet Studio creates custom modules and tools that work for you and your team, based on two key principles: simplicity and convenience.

An eLearning module on retail strategy, featuring responsive design across all devices and real-time participant quizzes

Benefits to Program Leaders:

Content synthesis and/or creation
Our process begins with an extensive review and streamlining of your existing content (often redundant or contradictory courses). Alternatively, we can create custom content based on your strategy and goals.

Any platform, any device 
We develop modules that can live in any digital environment, on any device. Offline modules can also be developed, depending on the needs of your team.

Syncs to LMS, SCORM compliant
If you already have an LMS in place, we create eLearning content that works with your system.

One chapter of a curriculum on retail and merchandising strategy.
Custom L&D platform to enable radiology training and certification.



Benefits to Team Members:

Streamlined, engaging content
Simplified content is just one way that we make lessons easier to learn and retain. We design infographics, activities, and videos to help keep users engaged.

Several ways to learn
Videos, narrated content, interactive quizzes, and guided in-the-field activities—our collaborative solutions accomodate different learning preferences.

Modular chapters
With modular courses, users can pause, pick up where they left off, or jump into content when they need refreshers.

eLearning Features:

Motion Graphics
Immerse your team in a living, active experience especially designed for visual learners.

Audio Narration
Use voice-talent pros to act as turnkey instructors. Bilingual narration is available as well.

Subject Matter Experts
Interview SMEs to explain strategies and processes in unique and compelling ways.

Role Model Testimonials
Build commitment and consensus with trusted voices from your own team.

Downloadable Resources
Create offline modules, one-sheets, forms, tools and templates to use on the job.

In-the-Field Activities
Collaborate on crafting relevant and engaging exercises—in the field or workplace.

Knowledge Checks
Check user understanding through quizzes and other interactive exercises.

LMS Team Tracking
Track metrics on course participation, retention, and completion; export certification reports.

Our eLearning Process:
What to expect…

We start with a creative brief, to build a deep understanding of your challenges and your goals. No creative endeavor can succeed without a clear vision of the target audience, so we will delve into opportunities from the end-users’ perspective. 

Our creative process begins with strategically reviewing content and focusing on the delivery methods that work best for your audience. Simplicity and convenience are key! We will synthesize existing content, or—if you need it—we will create completely new content.

Design is an iterative and collaborative process, so we will gather your input throughout this phase. Expect to see drafts of module designs, UI wireframes, video storyboards, or other agreed-upon deliverables. This is where we bring your idea to life—with touchpoints that are highly engaging and on target with your audience! 

Education is not a one-time event; it is often a continuum of personal development and cultural shifts. If you need it, we can help you measure results and institute refreshers and messaging to ensure you are driving lasting and effective change. 

Contact us to see examples of virtual training materials we’ve created and how we can help you!