Little Steps to Peak Engagement

We’re trying something different for this week’s blog post! To show off our motion-graphics capability, we encapsulated our article in an animated video. Click on the video, or read the content below. No matter which way you consume it, we hope you find it helpful!

So you’ve created your content and crafted engaging activities. Now, how do you encourage your users step-by-step through your curriculum? Here’s a tip: Think of your course as a hiking path. You can move users forward by building subtle gratifications and rewards along the way

1. Mark your eLearners’ progress 

Build ‘time-remaining’ estimates directly into your content. Or use visible content outlines to de-mark bite-sized chapters that have been finished. (The Articulate platform, Rise 360 has both of these features built into their module templates!) 

2. Build in stopping points

Speaking of chapters, these make great natural stopping points. Trainees with limited time will greatly appreciate these opportunities to pause and revisit specific topics, especially if they’re broken into 5-10 minute chunks. 

3. Use Knowledge Checks

Finally, you should use Knowledge Checks to help users confirm what they have learned, and provide responses that explain why each answer is right or wrong. 

eLearners should feel a sense of achievement for their time invested in taking the course. At the end of each module, be sure to thank them—and direct them to other resources that will help put their learning into practice.  

And remember, a little gratification can go a long way. Almost as far as your eLearners will go! 

James Bizzell
Creative Director at Planet Studio.