Web App vs. Native App

But what type of app is best for you and your company? There’s lots to consider when answering that question. Your objectives. Your userbase. Your business landscape. Your budget and your deadline for launching. 

There are two main types of app. A native app is a program that you download on your phone (or tablet, sometimes laptop) typically through The App Store or Google Play. A web app is a program that lives on the internet and is accessed through Safari, Chrome, or another web browser. They can be nearly indistinguishable once you’ve opened them up, so let’s look at how they differ and which one might be better for you.

The end result: It’s a tie!

Web app or native app… choosing your best option will depend on your strategic objectives, your operational needs, and your brand aspirations. And then there’s Hybrid Apps, but we don’t have enough space here to go into that right now. Contact us today to discuss what works best for your business!  

James Bizzell
Creative Director at Planet Studio.