The eLearning Journey

The eLearning Journey

Train with a Purpose:
Where is your audience on this spectrum?

eLearning informs anytime, any place— and benefits your bottom line.

Content, Engagement, Results

A Great eLearning Experience, by Design

We are training practitioners that can engage your audience, teaching the skills you need to build within your organization. We take a holistic, user-centric approach to digital eLearning needs. Our collaborative process ensures that content is translated to a meaningful experience for your learners.

We work with your team and within your system, creating solutions that inform, educate, and motivate action.

Design and development of an eLearning curriculum is much more than graphics and a stable platform. It should be a 1:1 engagement that delivers results.

Sample eLearning needs:

  • Compliance
  • Sales enablement
  • Customer service
  • Workplace safety
  • DEI / onboarding
  • Process training
  • Certification


Develop strong fundamentals and a clear-eyed view of your goals and audience.

Define Program Goal
  • Define Success
  • Quantify Measurement
State eLearner Objective(s)
  • Identify Intent
  • Clarify what is to be Learned
Understand eLearners
  • Audience Insights
  • Identify Learning Level
  • Assumptions/Expectations
  • Prerequisites/Prereads
Outline Key Takeaways
  • Outline Module
  • Establish Learning Process
  • Create Steps for the Journey
Craft Value Proposition
  • Benefits to Learners
  • Broader Benefits (Company, Business, etc.)
  • Impact (Personal/Professional
Synthesize Content
  • Content Audit
  • Gather Resources
  • Organize Structure
  • Create Framework
  • SME Input/Approval
Additional Insights


Capture your audience’s attention with an array of powerful interactive features.

Identify Platform
  • IT Requirements
  • System Integration Specs
  • Device Responsiveness
  • Modules/Length/Timing
  • Teaching Narrative
  • Style/Tone
  • Scenarios
  • Scripting of Elements
  • Audio Recording
  • Information Hierarchy
  • Template/Visual Story Flow
  • Imagery/Visual Aids
eLearning Tools
  • Graphics/Maps
  • Frameworks
  • Diagrams/Illustrations
  • Videos
Active Experiences
  • Interactive Elements
  • Learning Style Activities
  • Gamification
  • Quizzes/Trivia
Measurement Tracking
  • Participation Rate
  • Completion Rate
  • Timing/Scores
Reward Success
  • Credits/Prizes/Gratification
  • Access to Additional Resources
  • Downloadable Resources
Additional Insights


Assess the success of your eLearners and your program— and clarify intent for future iterations.

LMS System Integration
  • Certifications Granted
  • Dashboard/Spreadsheet
  • Participation Metrics
Solicit Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Learning Retention
  • Intent to Take Action
Recommend More Learning
  • Advanced Learning
  • Access to Resources
  • Actions/Codify Learning
eLearning Refinement
  • Revise Module
  • Additional Courses
  • More In-depth Learning

Planet Studio can craft strategic solutions that keep your eLearners educated, engaged, and up-to-speed— no matter where they are.

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